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Filmmaker, Musician, Writer, Digital Strategist, Photographer

FILMMAKER – films shown at festivals around the world. Award winning screenwriter. Writer/Producer/Director/Editor

DIGITAL STRATEGIST – VP of Digital Strategy for National Communications agency – offices in Portland/Chicago/Washington D.C./San Francisco

ENTREPRENEUR – Raised private equity / created LLC / launched video search start-up VIDEODASH. Founder of Creator and in-house producer of Room 529 project at Hotel Modera.

DESIGNER – interactive design and web development expert

CONSULTANT – tech/creative/film. Helped developed the Oregon Story Board with The Oregon Office of Film and Television.. Member of the advisory team. Legislature just passed $1.2 million appropriation to fund it.

IMDB – Matt Schulte

Semi-finalist: Blue Cat Screenplay

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digital media. music. movies. food. design.